Posted on March 28, 2011


Pancetta With so much uncertainty in sourcing how animals are reared and treated when shopping at the grocery store, old skills are essential to keep those recipes flowing.  This pancetta was our first try at curing meat at home, and our repertoire has since grown to include bacon.

These are the building blocks of cured meat, and they are simple to do once you get in the groove.  Pancetta, we learned is made from the pork belly (as is bacon) and can be cured, rolled, and hung at home in the cooler months.  Pancetta doesn’t even have to be rolled first: you can just hang small slabs — but we’ll get into that later.   It’s a few weeks start to finish, without much active work required.  And it is sooo worth it.  Slice it up and cook as you would in recipes calling for bacon.  Expect it to have a stronger and more savory flavor.  Really good in soups and Parsnip Pancetta Pasta.

As we develop the site, we’ll include a description of our first forays into charcuterie.

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