Butter! So easy, who knew?

Posted on April 5, 2011




Batch 1: This was so much easier than I expected.  It took a lot of fumbling the first time, but I think once you know the whole process it’d be a breeze. 

I let the raw cream sit at room temperature over night on Saturday (cream was purchased on Tuesday, so had also been in the fridge, don’t know if that aging in the fridge does anything).  In the morning, measured 1 cup of raw cream and used food processor to whip the cream till it split into granules, and then clumped together into butter.

This happened within 2 minutes — very quick!  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to spot the difference between ‘granule’ and ‘clump,’ but it’s pretty obvious when you try it: the buttermilk begins to splash once the butter has clumped.


I used a pair of wooden spoons, soaked in icy cold water, and my cold hands to press out the buttermilk (not as much yield as I was expecting).  It’s easier if you use a big bowl, with steep sides. Pour off the buttermilk and save for some other project, like bread.


Rinse the butter in cold water.  This picture shows the 2nd or 3rd wash – keep going till the water runs clear (about 4 changes of water).  At this point, I found it easier to just to use my hands, though you do end up with really cold hands.

Press as much water out of the butter to finish.  Salting will help the finished butter last longer, so if you want to do that: spread the butter thin and spread salt in an even layer (1/4 tsp per 4 oz butter).  Mix thoroughly by folding and pressing butter with the wooden spoon (or cold hands, keeping your hands wet will help too).

1 cup of raw heavy cream, yielded 4 oz. butter and a tbpn or so of buttermilk.


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