Pickled Peppers

Posted on February 12, 2012


Pickled peppers

pickled peppers via With a Glass via Punk Domestics

We’re just now cracking open our go at these pickled peppers.  Luckily, we actually wrote down where we got the recipe ’cause these are fantastic.  They’ve got just the right balance of heat, garlic, and savory.  We played around with pepper types and spices in ours.  So far, all the variations are great – from long cayennes to banana peppers and changing up the mustard+black pepper spices for things like sichuan peppercorns.

With a Glass’s blog suggests putting a tbsp of oil into each jar.  The dash of oil makes these peppers especially good.  I didn’t know what to expect from adding oil, but these have won me over and I’ll do this a lot more in the future.  The heat seems to be mellowed out and deepened by the oil.  I think the oil also helps the peppers not seem quite so vinegary and helps make the peppers work in a wider range of dishes than I expected.   They’re great with pizza, but also in an impromptu escabeche or even to add heat to stir-fries.

So far, the pickled peppers are working well as subs for fresh peppers in any recipes that have some kind of acidic or savory/sour component. The vinegary-ness of these peppers is mild compared to most pickled peppers, but you will still taste it in things that are trying to do that sweet+heat angle … like these breakfast crumpets… that was a bust.  But when you’re adding heat to stir-fries or doing something with a savory heat, the peppers blend right in.  It doesn’t need to be a very vinegary recipe, something with a bit of tomato has often been enough. Basically: anything that isn’t maple-syrup-candy-breakfast-crumpets.


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