Springwatch 2012

Posted on February 20, 2012


1st Crocus 2012

First Crocus, February 20th 2012

Behold, spring. We are precisely a month ahead of the vernal equinox, but today a significant event marked the advent of spring. The first crocus arrived and opened, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering how warm and mild the winter was. You’ll recall that last year they were blasted by a March snowstorm here, and they are some two weeks earlier this year.

The first signs of new growth are upon us, including chive sprouts! Fresh flavor has returned.

Swiss Chard Feb 20

Swiss Chard, Post hibernation

And here is a glimpse from under our row cover. We stopped raiding the plants after having fresh greens for our Christmas and New Year’s feasts. A few leaves have yellowed since then, but they were older and somewhat damaged from insects anyway. The Swiss Chard looks particularly dapper with its new growth, no?

The gloves are off now. We’ll be ramping up the late winter planting this coming week and will even consider putting in the peas. It seems so wrong, but the ground is certainly workable. Now we have to worry about the pollen flow arriving too early as we establish our first two bee colonies this April!

I fully expect three feet of snow as punishment for my current exuberance.

– Dustin

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