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Pub Gougères with Anchovy and Cayenne

July 8, 2012


Add a notch to the spatula. Our recipe for “Pub Gougères with Anchovy and Cayenne” has been selected as a community pick on Food52 as part of their “meat as a flavoring” contest. Anchovies give this riff on traditional cheese gougères a bistro-pub feel and a bold taste. Salty, spicy and savory, these are best […]

Brewing Beer, IRA.

June 4, 2012


Whew.  What a month.  Busy with family, finishing a dissertation, and a vacation.  Plus all the other projects are bubbling along nicely, sometimes quite literally.  Take, for instance, the batch of beer in the basement.  The airlock on the carboy is glugging along about once every 8 seconds or so as the gases made by […]

Now Entering District 12

April 11, 2012


Like many people, I’ve just cottoned on to the greatness of The Hunger Games. It is a world where districts are dominated by their isolation from one another, where the only information that passes is what can be gleaned from the censored broadcasts of the games. This rolls two forms of oppression into one, combining […]

The Sausage Files

February 26, 2012


The Kit: Landers, Frary & Clark # 2 Universal Food Grinder. My mother sent me this grinder just before the holidays.  (She had inherited from an older generation.) I haven’t been able to date it, precisely, but the history of the company and the grinder’s basic design is pretty interesting. The company made a wide […]

Pickled Peppers

February 12, 2012


We’re just now cracking open our go at these pickled peppers.  Luckily, we actually wrote down where we got the recipe ’cause these are fantastic.  They’ve got just the right balance of heat, garlic, and savory.  We played around with pepper types and spices in ours.  So far, all the variations are great – from […]

Better Basics: Baked Potato

February 5, 2012


Growing up, I lived with my grandparents. This led to some interesting moments that are likely uncommon for people my age. I recall clearly the day they got their first telephone, for instance. We watched the Olympics on an older television in the upstairs room, black and white of course, that had a remote control […]

Better Basics: Extracts

January 29, 2012


Over the holidays, Dustin’s grandma sent us some of her recipes, including an old-school anise candy recipe that I’ve been curious about for a while now. We had anise seed and star anise around the house from previous cooking ventures, but none of the anise extract that we’d need for candy making. Being us, this […]