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Adventures in Marinading, part II: Tunisian Lamb Braise, with Eggplant and Bulgur

August 5, 2011


Part I‘s milk-marinaded chicken was a succulent, tender grilled success.  So, while we’re on a roll with this, we’re trying an overnight, milk-marinaded lamb.  We’re planning to use a stew cut (1 inch cubes, from the shoulder).  In the past, we’ve found this cut can be a little tough, so we have big hopes that […]

Marinading… with Milk?

August 3, 2011


Since starting a recurring weekly order from our local raw dairy, we’ve loved it, haven’t looked back, and I am still surprised it took so long to get used to the raw milk idea.  Which is all great.  But then, Tuesday, aka Doomsday (kidding. sort of), rolls around and again, here we are, scouring the […]

Butter! So easy, who knew?

April 5, 2011


  Batch 1: This was so much easier than I expected.  It took a lot of fumbling the first time, but I think once you know the whole process it’d be a breeze.