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The growth-cycle of garlic.

June 25, 2011


Today is a cool summer day here in central PA, with a high of a heavenly 75 F. Even so, I can hardly conjure up the memory of those chilly days last fall that found us on our hands and knees poking garlic cloves into the ground. At that time of year, the garden is […]

Champion of England Peas: Success!

June 11, 2011


Prolific and delicious, our Champion of England Peas are a total success this year.  Recipes to follow; for now —  Note to future selves: Tall varieties are awesome. So is harvesting at dusk.  Also: give tall varieties an extra post to support all the extra weight. Oops.

An Evolving Garden Line-Up

May 16, 2011


This year, we’re bringing back some tried-and-true and testing out some new, unusual varieties we found at the Seed Savers Exchange.  Successes, flops, and other updates to follow! We’re growing in central PA, in a valley that tends to the milder side of PA winters, but still with a shorter(ish) growing season. It’s been well, […]

Garden Watch: May 5 edition

May 5, 2011


At the start of May, peas begin to climb, strawberries are blossoming, and tulips in full bloom. Harvest countdown has begun!

Garden Watch: April 24

April 24, 2011


Pak Choi, baby spinach and radishes for the taking!  Fava seedlings are on their way, but clearly no match for Pak Choi.

First Spring Harvest!

April 24, 2011


First Spring Harvest! – april 24, a photo by WithinSeason on Flickr.

Garden Watch: Spinach

April 15, 2011


spinach, a photo by WithinSeason on Flickr. Under the row cover, Mid-April